Thank you for scheduling your appointment with Robert P. Newman, Esq. We look forward to serving your estate planning needs. Below is a summary of how our estate and incapacity planning works.

Click here for a description of How our Process Works

To help facilitate the first two bullets points of our process, we will need you to complete this Initial Questionnaire.  This questionnaire seeks much less information than the Client Information Questionnaire referenced in the description of our process. Attorney Newman does not believe you should have to expend tremendous effort gathering information and completing such a detailed document before meeting us and deciding to retain him. This shorter questionnaire only seeks some basic information that will be asked during the consultation anyway and maybe necessary to provide the best estate planning options for you.

The consultation fee is $310. The consultation usually lasts approximately ninety minutes, but Attorney Newman does not put a "clock" on his estate planning consultations. He believes the consultation is concluded when you have sufficient information and understanding of estate planning, and you have designed a plan that allows you to feel like you are "Living with your bags packed!" So please plan your schedule accordingly. We can also accommodate most any time constraints you may have. Feel free to notify us before your scheduled consultation and to remind Attorney Newman when the consultation begins. 

This consultation is intended to be a learning process for both you and Attorney Newman to determine if he can be of assistance to you and if you desire his services. It is always his intention to establish a long-term relationship with his clients, not just to prepare documents. Keep in mind, however, even if you decide not to retain Attorney Newman, all information you share with him during this consultation is confidential and private pursuant to the attorney-client privilege.

It is imperative everyone whom you need to assist you in making your estate planning decisions be present during your consultation. That means if you are married, both spouses should be present unless we are not going to be doing any estate planning for your spouse or your spouse and you are doing separate planning. If you would like to do an initial consultation without your spouse, there will be a second consultation fee for the consultation with you and your spouse. Attorney Newman will not prepare a joint estate plan without meeting with both spouses simultaneously. 

If we are preparing an estate plan for you and your spouse, it is important you click here prior to your consultation. You and your spouse will be required to sign this Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure & Consent upon your arrival or prior to the beginning of your consultation if you have any questions. 

Finally, either I or someone else from our office will contact prior to your scheduled appointment. We ask that you make every effort to keep your appointment, not just because re-scheduling can be challenging given Attorney Newman's schedule but because it is extremely important you accomplish your estate planning goals as soon as reasonably practical. 

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or require any additional information prior to your appointment. You can reach me at 301.892.2713 ext. 1004 or email me at

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Eryka Edmund

Legal Assistant

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