How Long Should You Keep Important Documents?

In a society dominated by paperwork, the question of how long to hold on to important documents has been baffling for most people. We especially worry about documents of a financial or personally identifying nature. People who worry about losing something important sometimes hoard everything; others who worry about things like identity theft are too quick to shred documents. Most of us, however, lie somewhere between these two extremes: Simply and utterly confused about what to keep and how long to keep it. You do need to save certain documents longer than others, and—for financial and estate planning purposes—these documents should be organized and accessible. Some documents should be kept

12 Crucial Insights for Protecting Your Furry Family Members

Did you know that today is National Pet Day? One thing is certain: we love our pets. The American Pet Products Association esti-mates that in 2016, pet owners will spend a record $62.75 billion on their dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other domestic animals. This is not just because we are pampering our pets more, although that is certainly part of it; it is also because the overall costs of pet care are increasing, from the food we buy to veterinary visits. So what happens to your pet when you pass on? How can you be assured that one of your friends or loved ones will adopt your dog or cat, let alone pick up the tab for their ongoing care and feeding? Just like anything else, it is a matter

How to Minimize Legal Fees After Death

Death is a costly business. Aside from funeral expenses, legal fees can take a big chunk out of how much is left for your loved ones after you are gone. But it does not have to be this way. Careful planning can minimize the legal fees your loved ones will pay after you die. Here is how: 1. Make an estate plan – The cost of creating an estate plan will be far less than the legal fees your loved ones will have to pay if you do not have one. But be careful – do not try to write your own will or revocable living trust. Do-it-yourself or online plans often fail to include valuable cost, tax, and legal fee saving opportunities. You need the advice and assistance of an experienced estate planni

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