The Heart Attack

A few years ago, I was rushed to emergency room by ambulance with an apparent massive heart attack. To have a doctor calmly (as I was being rushed into a waiting elevator with numerous wires attached to my body, and numerous medical staff surrounding me talking their “medical” language) tell you right to your face, “Mr. Newman, you either had or are in the midst of a massive heart attack and …” quite honestly, I do not remember much else of what he said. I do remember seeing all the plans, goals, and dreams I had for and with my wife and daughters began to fade and as they did, I remembered the promises I made to them but would not be able to keep. I began to think about their pain, their lo

Major Surgery? Estate Planning Tips

Getting the news you have to undergo major surgery is never easy. Preparing for absences from work, planning for childcare, parent care, household responsibilities, medical bills, etc. will be among the things you may worry about. Hopefully, reviewing your estate plan will also be a priority. But what if you only have a few weeks—or even days—to react? Who should you call? How can you concentrate enough to get this work done? Make the best use of your time by considering the following tips. Who should you call? After notifying loved ones of the impending surgery, you should call your estate planning attorney to ensure your documents are up-to-date and accurately reflect your current assets a

Personal Property Memorandum: 4 Tips for Success

What is a personal property memorandum? It is a frequently-used estate planning document that provides an opportunity to expand upon your will or trust. Many wills or trusts simply divide the whole of an estate equally between surviving family members. But, what if you would prefer a more detailed plan for particular items you want to leave to specific individuals? If you would like to ensure specific property or items in your estate are left to certain relatives or friends, a personal property memorandum is a great option. It is a detailed accounting of items of personal property listed with the corresponding person you would like to receive those items. It is simple but powerful, an

Scary Health Diagnosis? 3 Legal Things to Do

WOW! Alex Trebek! Our hearts and prays go out to him and his family. Certainly, we are all rooting for him to win this battle. Regrettably, such diagnoses occur to someone every day. A scary health diagnosis can be emotionally and logistically challenging for many reasons. For instance, how can you take care of your family if you are physically incapacitated? In addition to working closely with your medical providers, consider these three legal tips: 1. Check your estate plan with your attorney to make sure it is up to date. Do you count yourself among the 42 percent of American adults with a will or trust? If not, take action to start planning. Even if you do have an estate plan, review it.

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