Can I Make a Video Will?

Folks are curious about whether such a “will” can hold up in court. Given how universal technology is these days, it is natural to wonder

Home DNA Tests - A Bump in Your Estate Plan

Discovering your ancestry can be both fun and fascinating. And in some cases, controversial-just ask Elizabeth Warren. There is no doubt at-home DNA tests have grown in popularity in recent years. Often given as a unique gift for loved ones, the kits reveal details about our individual and collective pasts. In fact, I just found out my Mom recently did a DNA test to help my Dad locate one of his siblings. Unfortunately, these tests are not all fun and games as Senator Warren discovered. They become even more troubling when when a test reveals an unexpected relative or biological child. Such a discovery makes creating or updating your estate plan an urgent need. If you do not have a will, a n

HIPAA: An Overview for Young Adults

Young adults should consider executing the required documentation to ensure their parents can access their medical records and discuss their

Kids Going Away To College?

Including Estate Planning in the Preparation You may have been running around for weeks, getting your new college student off to school. It is exhilarating, and your heart likely is bursting at the seams. You are probably prouder than words can express, but you are also a little afraid, too. How can you make sure your kid is going to be safe at school, their new home away from home?* A new, matching Bed Bath and Beyond sheet set for the dorm sounds great, but it just does not seem like quite enough, does it? So what else can you do? Actually, there is something, probably not yet on your to-do list, that absolutely can make all the difference. Bring your child to a local estate planning attor

Happy 18th Birthday! Now What?

Now that you are an adult, your parents' legal authority is very limited if not completely gone. This new-found freedom may sound exciting,


"So, how is a Will different from a Trust?", I thought it might be helpful to answer that question here, in plain English.

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