Joint Tenancy: The Double Edged Sword

Joint tenancy with right of survivorship delivers a lot of potential benefits, it may also be masking some dangerous pitfalls.

Do I Need a Trust?

Today, I am providing information to help you figure out whether you need a trust and, if so, what kind fits your specific situation.

DIY Legal

We know that it may seem self-serving for an attorney to warn of the dangers of using DIY legal forms, but the risks are genuine, and we wan

Estate Planning without Your Spouse

While it is certainly possible to begin the estate planning process without your spouse, there are some things to consider.

Seniors and Suicide

While many cultures celebrate the aging process and show deep respect to their elders, in Western cultures like the United States the elderl

Beneficiary Designations

There are several important factors you should consider before making a beneficiary designation for your life insurance proceeds.

Passing Down a Family Business

The failure to plan could result in the eventual loss of the business. There are several factors you should keep in mind in making plans fo

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