Thank you for scheduling your Design & Asset Gathering Meeting with Robert P. Newman, Esq. We look forward to serving your estate planning needs.

Now that you have retained us, please complete the "Living with Your Bags Packed!" Estate Planning Worksheet, and submit to me. The purpose of the worksheet is to obtain important information about you so we can maximize our time together during our Design and Asset Gathering Meeting. It is possible, based on the nature of the information requested in the worksheet, you will not be able to answer some of the questions until our meeting. That is fine, we will cover those during our meeting and if you do not have an answer during the meeting, you will be able to provide them at a later date. We must receive the worksheet at least 24 hours before your meeting.

As a reminder, my estate planning meetings are designed to have a conversational flow and help you design the plan that best meets your needs. That said, I will make sure to "address the issues that keep you up at night, give you nightmares, or are just too painful to consider. Then we make a plan to address them." Though it can be very emotional, it is also very powerful, creative, and reflective.

While this is occurring, the asset information you provide to us will be reviewed and inventoried. This asset inventory will help to identify important planning options and design considerations. The inventory is also a useful tool for us to plan the steps necessary to properly title assets or designate beneficiaries.


As you may have noticed, our meeting is scheduled for 90 minutes but we can go longer, if necessary. I do not put a "clock" on my design meetings. I believe the meeting is concluded when you have sufficient information and understanding of estate planning, and you have designed a plan that allows you to feel like you are "Living with your bags packed!" So please plan your schedule accordingly. We can also accommodate most any time constraints you may have. Feel free to notify us before your scheduled consultation and to remind me when the meeting begins. Also, currently, all our meetings occur by video-conference.

Due to the importance of this meeting, it is imperative everyone whom you need to assist you in making your estate planning decisions be present during your consultation. That means if you are married, both spouses should be present unless we are not going to be doing any estate planning for your spouse or your spouse and you are doing separate planning. I will not prepare a joint estate plan without meeting with both spouses simultaneously. 

Finally, either I or someone else from our office will contact you prior to your scheduled Design and Asset Gathering Meeting. We ask that you make every effort to keep your appointment, not just because re-scheduling can be challenging given my schedule but because it is extremely important you accomplish your estate planning goals as soon as reasonably practical. 

Please do not hesitate to contact my Legal Assistant, Aissatou Thiaw ("Chow) at 301.892,2713 ext 1004 or, if you have any questions or require any additional information prior to your appointment. 

Thank you.

Robert P. Newman, MBA, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law