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“Living with your bags packed!” means making sure you have the opportunity to keep your estate planning current and relevant. We have developed a unique approach to ensure each participant’s plan is reviewed regularly and updated according to changes in laws or to a client’s life situation. The Law Office of Robert P. Newman, P.C. offers the Plan Annual Care and Keeping Everything Documented (“PACKED”) Protection Plan, which is a Trust Maintenance program designed to assure your estate plan remains current with today's tax laws, your changing financial picture, and your family needs. The PACKED Protection Plan offers:


  1. Our office is responsible for monitoring changes in the law and advising with an annual letter when amendments should be considered by the client.

  2. No charge for phone calls from clients.

  3. 24/7 emergency access to Healthcare Directives for physicians and medical care providers via paid membership in the DocuBank. DocuBank provides immediate access to your healthcare power of attorney, living will, HIPAA authorization, emergency contact information, allergies, physician information, and medical conditions. The DocuBank wallet card gives emergency responders and hospitals two ways to access your important healthcare directives and emergency contacts. They may use our automated phone system or login through an online portal. Either way, DocuBank provides the directives needed in the case of an emergency.

  4. Discounted rate for transfer of additional deeds and/or Assignment of Notes, registration of accounts, and/or preparation of beneficiary designations for non-business related assets.

  5. Unlimited access to protected, personalized client portal to access client documents.

  6. Annual funding report and continued funding assistance.

  7. Monthly newsletter covering a variety of estate topics.

  8. Educational workshops for clients, advisors, and client’s trustees/agents.

  9. Communications with financial and tax advisors at no additional charge.

  10. Annual review of Names and Fiduciaries

  11. Post-Signing Meetings: Family Plan Overview Presentation; Annual Trustee/ Successor Orientation

  12. Discounted rates for settlement/trust administration services for your successor trustee to ensure the smooth transition of your estate upon disability or death.  When documents are up to date and the asset inventory is current, it is much less time consuming for the administrative work.

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