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With proper planning though, you can help your family avoid a potentially disastrous will or trust contest. To help protect against challenges to your estate plan, consider the following FourTips for Avoiding a Will or Trust Contest

Show me a sick or dead body with money!”

If you attended any of my presentations, you have heard me say this often. Yes, it is sad, unfortunate, and uncomfortable, but most important, it is also true!

Most families are happy families. They get together for the holidays,...

It often requires a chronic disease or terminal illness diagnosis, or other life-changing event to prompt the estate planning process.

If you have recently been hospitalized for a cardiac condition or other near-miss medical event, then you too may be feeling that lack preparedness, the regret, and helplessness. One result of these feelings is a strong sense of urgency to protect your family, your bus...

Getting the news you have to undergo major surgery is never easy. Hopefully, reviewing your estate plan will also be a priority. We make it a practice to keep in contact with our clients, at least annually, in anticipation of this very situation. Our goal is for you a...

If you would like to ensure specific property or items in your estate are left to certain relatives or friends, a personal property memorandum is a great option.

A scary health diagnosis can be emotionally and logistically challenging for many reasons. For instance, how can you take care of your family if you are physically incapacitated? In addition to working closely with your medical providers, consider these three legal tip...

February 12, 2019

As Valentine’s Day brings heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses by the dozen into your imagination, seize the moment to learn about the drawbacks of “I love you” wills and introduce yourself to the estate planning move that is actually going to ensure you do well by y...


As we beginning this new year, we continue to provide some secrets of the rich and famous, all with the purpose of ensuring you live your best life, and you, "Live with your bags packed!"

Strategies to Enhance Your Success

Estate planning is complex and...

December 14, 2018

Creating a will as part of your estate plan is primarily about passing your wealth to your loved ones after you die since a will only “works” after it has gone through the probate court process. It really is about giving you both independence and control of what happen...

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