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Speaker and Presenter Request

Over the years we have found that too many people have misconceptions about estate planning, especially in communities of color. As a result, too many people fail to protect themselves and their loved ones. from foreseeable consequences. Being an immigrant from Jamaica, West Indies, and growing up in the Edenwald projects of the Bronx in New York City, Attorney Newman fully understands, that there are circumstances where the last thing you are thinking about is "an estate." In fact, you believe that term does not apply to you--an estate is for the rich and famous. Now knowing so much more, Attorney Newman has made it his personal mission to ensure everyone knows they have an estate as well as the value and need for proper estate planning. 

He is available to present to faith-based groups, nonprofit groups, sororities and fraternities (so long as they will accept assistance from a Kappa Man), social organizations, community groups, unions, colleges, and businesses. In fact, he considers the topic so important, he will make a presentation at a backyard cookout!

He always concludes his presentations and remarks by advising his audience that he would be honored to help develop their estate plan, but that is not what is important. He will be satisfied if everyone in the audience learns the importance of estate planning, identifies what they valued, and then makes a plan for themselves and their loved ones. That would be mission accomplished!

If Robert Newman seems like the presenter or speaker for you, please complete the questionnaire and someone will follow up with you.  

Thanks for submitting!

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