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What to Include in a Letter of Instruction

What to include in a letter of instructions

A letter of instruction can be a beneficial piece in estate planning. It is an informal document that will give your loved ones important information about personal and financial matters after your death. Letters of instruction are not legally binding and do not replace your need for a will or a living trust. However, it can be a nice complement to those documents. The informal nature allows you to create the letter on your own and change it whenever necessary. It is important to keep the letter up to date, as life circumstances change over time. Let us look at some of the information that may be included in a letter of instruction.

1. Funeral and Burial/Cremation Arrangements

The first thing you may want to include in your letter of instruction is information about your funeral and burial arrangements. Be sure to include any plans you have already made or what your wishes are, as this can be very beneficial to grieving family members. Information about the type of funeral or memorial service you would like, including who should officiate the service and special things to be included, like music selections, can be a part of your letter of instruction. If you prefer to be cremated rather than buried, be sure to include that in your letter.

Another helpful inclusion would be a list of people you want to be contacted when you pass and contact information if available. You may also include your wishes for donations to specific charities in your memory.

2. Financial Information

Information about your bank accounts, assets you hold title to, and other accounts can greatly help family members when trying to carry out the provisions of your estate plan. Be sure to include the names and phone numbers of professionals who can help locate your accounts or who helped you plan. The location of other important documents should also be included with the letter of instruction. These could include but are not limited to birth certificates, social security account information or statements, marriage license(s), divorce documents, and military paperwork. In addition, be sure to leave behind information related to mortgages and other debts.

3. Digital Information

These days, many of our accounts have transitioned to the digital world. Therefore, leaving behind information about your digital assets in your letter of instruction becomes more important. This should include usernames and passwords for digital accounts, social media accounts, and the devices themselves. It is important not to leave family members guessing about this information.

4. Personal Items

Personal items can be a source of contention among family members when a loved one dies. A letter of instruction can provide details about who will receive personal effects, including collections, important personal items, and other things that may not have monetary value but do have sentimental value. In this section, you can also include information about the care of the pets you may leave behind. This section of your letter may include personal statements about your wishes and hopes for the future and can address specific family members.

A letter of instruction can be a very real source of peace and comfort to your family members in their time of grief. It can be difficult to think about getting started on a letter of this nature, as none of us like to think about our own death. However, if you consider the items to include and create a plan, a letter of instruction can often write itself. Taking this step can alleviate much stress and many family squabbles about what you leave behind.

A letter of instruction is an important piece of your overall estate plan and should be written with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney to make sure the letter complements and does not contradict your estate plan. If you would like help to create your estate plan or a letter of instruction,

click here to schedule a complimentary Estate Planning Discovery Session with us when you are ready to take the next step. We will be here to help you "protect who and what you love, including yourself."

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The information in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.


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