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Your Signing Date is scheduled! But there is still work to be done before we get there.  First, we must review your documents, at the Review Meeting. This meeting is for your review, comment, and approval that the documents express your wishes properly. After the meeting, you will have a final opportunity to make changes, BUT all client edits must be submitted by 9 am the Tuesday before the Signing Meeting.


As we discussed at the beginning of our engagement, we do not send draft documents to clients. We do understand, however, some clients like to take their time reviewing each provision in detail.* In such instances, clients must have paid their entire quoted fee prior to the receipt of their drafts. Also, we only send PDFs of the draft document because each document is copyright protected.

On the actual signing day, you will have reviewed the estate plan, made all final adjustments, and be ready to sign the estate planning documents. You will need to bring your ID because many of your documents will need to be notarized or witnessed. Within hours after you execute your documents, you should have access to them electronically in your cloud account. We will also share them with whomever else you authorize. After we record your Will for Safekeeping (in Maryland), you will be notified your documents are ready for pickup. We can send you the original estate planning documents if you have paid the cost of shipping. Also, mailed original estate planning documents are sent either Signature Required or Hold for Pick-up. Regardless of when and how you receive your actual documents, it is so important to note that once the documents have been properly signed and the meeting concludes, the estate plan is effectively in place.

This is always a very exciting (and crazy) time for us in the office because we get to give good news to our clients and actively participate in the protection of them, their families, and their loved ones. 


Take care and see you soon.


Law Office of Robert P. Newman, P.C.

"Living with your bags packed!"

Please be aware, if you wish to have your draft documents prior to the Review Meeting, we may have to re-schedule your Signing Meeting. 

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